Animal Lifeline employs a team of search and rescue volunteers that provide Search and Rescue assistance of lost pets in Central Bucks PA and beyond. If you pet has been lost please call 215-343-5050 and report the missing pet or email us at

What to do if you lose your pet:

  • First, search your property thoroughly.
  • Walk the neighborhood, talk to everybody, and leave your phone number.
  • Bring a powerful flashlight (even during daylight hours) for checking in dark spaces.
  • Place strong-scented articles (your scent or the animal’s, like your shirt or their bed) outside your home to attract your pet. Animals find their way by scent as well as sound.
  • Call Microchip Company if your pet has implant and have them send notice to shelters and veterinarians offices.
  • Call and email photos of your pet to local veterinarian offices during the day. After 5 PM, call veterinarian emergency clinics.
  • Call and report your missing pet to Police, Dog Warden, Animal Control, humane societies, and animal shelters, including the ones in surrounding areas. Please also VISIT to check yourself.
  • Ask Animal Control, humane societies, and shelters about pet rescue organizations in your area that may have your pet.
  • Utilize the Internet! Post on social media sites and ask your friends to share. Many communities have lost pet pages on Facebook.
  • It is extremely important to post MANY flyers about your lost pet within a 1-mile radius of where it was lost. Check out our poster pointers to make yours visible and effective. The most important information on poster is a clear picture of pet and the phone number to call if found. (Please remember to remove posters when your pet has been found)
  • Place an Ad in your local newspaper. Some will do this for free.
  • Check the newspaper “found” ads every day.
  • Enlist help! Many folks are probably willing to post signs and screen calls for you.

In Bucks County Please report your lost pet to:

Animal Control/Police Department
Bucks County SPCA: 215-794-7425
Women’s Humane Society: 215 – 750-5252
Animal Lifeline: 215-343-5050

Online Posting of Lost Pets in Bucks County:

Animal Lifeline PA: Facebook
Bucks County Alive


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