January 2014 Animal Lifeline donates 102,000 Syringes

The Intelligencer Del Val Students head south to help shelter animals January 2014

May 2014 Animal Lifeline Deploys Team to Mississippi

June 2014 Animal Lifeline Transports Wolves to their new Home

July 2014 “While saving Pets”

June 2014 Canines on the Catwalk

May 2014 Canines on the Catwalk

November 2013 Animal Lifeline Spays and Neuters 94 Cats in Bensalem

June 2013 Animal Lifeline donates $2500 to Bully Breed Spay and Neuter

March 2012 – Animal Sheltering Magazine

Beware of Imposters Posing as Rescues January 2009