Community K9

About Us

Community K9 is a new program providing opportunities for Philadelphia youth to help in the care and training of dogs.  Currently, Community K9 provides weekly classes for 10th graders at the WB Saul Agricultural High School in Philadelphia, giving students the chance to participate in the care of some very special puppies from a local service dog organization.  Students play an important role in socializing the pups, who are being trained to aid children with physical disabilities.  Students learn the power of positivity, patience and teamwork, while training dogs to help others.  Best of all, students feel proud of their hard work! 

Here’s what some recent students have written about their experiences in the Community K9 program:

“It was an honor to be part of something so wonderful and helpful to people.  I would do this again and again…” 10th Grade Student, Philadelphia

“I worked with Nikki [one of the puppies]…and from the minute I saw her I knew she was different from the other dogs…To work with her I needed to be patient.”


Looking to the Future, Connect – Support – Adopt

Our program’s mission is to provide meaningful opportunities for youth, dog owners and communities to learn and interact with dogs, while improving the lives of our canine friends.  As Community K9 expands, we will fulfill this mission in three main ways:

Youth Programming, Canine Care Workshops and Dog Rescue-Adoption.  

Community K9 Youth Program

Young participants care for and socialize Paws & Affection Service Dogs and homeless dogs awaiting adoption.

Community K9 Canine Care Workshops

Low cost workshops support community dog owners with helpful tips and strategies for raising safe and friendly pets.  

Community K9 Dog Rescue-Adopt 

Provides foster care, socialization and adopter education to ensure successful and permanent homes for homeless dogs.

At Community K9, we believe that the human-dog relationship is a powerful source of emotional support, empathy development and community engagement. Want to help us in our mission? Please consider donating to the Community K9 program to touch the lives of even more dogs and children! 


To find out more about the Community K9 program, please contact

Michaela Greif, MSW, CPDT at